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Why Choose Argo?

Servicing the Underserved Middle Market

Argo Partners is one of the few dedicated litigation funders to provide between $50,000 and $500,000 in non-recourse litigation funding per investment.  Sourcing and underwriting litigation claims is time-consuming and challenging work, causing most funders to focus on higher dollar disputes. We focus entirely on this oft-ignored market.

Simple and Transparent Pricing 

Argo Partners’ return in single-case fundings is structured as a low multiple of our investment, increasing as a function of time since the date of funding. We also offer a discounted multiple in the event of a quick resolution to the funded matter.

Recipient-Friendly Terms

Unlike other funders, Argo Partners’ return is calculated based on the date funds are actually disbursed, not the commitment date.  This makes Argo Partners’ cost of capital cheaper than many of its competitors.

Speed and Reliability 

Recognizing the urgent liquidity needs of recipients, we complete underwriting quickly, typically within two to three weeks. We wire funds immediately upon execution of a litigation funding agreement.

Ethics Observed

We recognize the concern sometimes raised regarding the issue of control over the litigation by a third-party funder, including the concepts of champerty and maintenance.  As a result, we never exercise control over litigation strategy or settlement decisions of funded matters.  Our litigation finance investments are purely passive.

Wide Case Coverage

We fund all manner of disputes, other than patent infringement matters.  We also fund at all stages of litigation, from prior to complaint filing to appeals to post-judgment enforcement and collection.  Our investment parameters uniquely position us to resolve thorny cost issues, such as isolated expert or consultant budget shortfalls, modest-sized damages claims, and small law firm cash management needs. Finally, our flexible approach to litigation finance provides litigants with opportunities to monetize or partially monetize their litigation-based claims, such as post-settlement class action claims or estate beneficiaries awaiting distribution.

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