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Litigation Funding Services

Argo Partners’ litigation funding is non-recourse, meaning we do not recover our principal investment or any return unless the funded litigation results in a monetary recovery.  Litigation funding permits recipients to mitigate litigation risk while applying funds to personal or business expenses, or towards the costs of litigation.  Funding also maximizes litigation recoveries by affording recipients the opportunity to retain high quality counsel, consultants, and experts who might otherwise exceed litigation budgets. When provided to attorneys retained on a full or partial contingency basis, litigation funding reduces financial risk, assists cash flow management, and incentivizes additional retentions by counsel to grow revenues.

While the terms of each investment vary, Argo Partners’ recovery on single-case fundings is typically structured as a low multiple of its investment, increasing over time to an agreed-upon cap. Recognizing the urgent liquidity needs of many litigants and counsel, we quickly complete our diligence and funding decision-making process.

Argo Partners funds all types of litigation claims, including commercial-based claims, single-plaintiff and qui tam actions, fraud claims, and D&O litigation.  Regardless of the nature of the dispute, Argo Partners’ litigation funding investment approach is strictly passive, meaning that we never attempt to direct litigation strategy or control settlement discussions.

Additionally, building on our core business of investing in claims in Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies, Argo Partners provides litigation funding on an individual and portfolio basis to all stakeholders in bankruptcy proceedings, including debtors, creditors, trustees, and their counsel.  Bankruptcy marks an underserved and critical area in litigation finance, where well-founded litigation claims frequently are not pursued due to a lack of resources. With over 30 years’ experience in the bankruptcy field, combined with our track record of success in non-bankruptcy litigation finance, Argo Partners’ bankruptcy litigation funding affords recipients the opportunity to monetize meritorious claims for the benefit of creditors and debtor estates.

Litigation Funding Approval Process

Argo Partners will walk you through the litigation funding approval process step by step.


Intake Discussion & NDA 


Term Sheet containing indicative terms based upon preliminary analysis 


Underwriting, typically a 2-3 week process 


Litigation funding agreement and closing with funds wired next day

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